C25k run 2 + 3


So, again I was supposed to update my blog straight after my second run however I didn't. I was going to do it yesterday, again, I didn't. Was gonna update this morning but thought I better wait till now and kill two bird with one stone.

Onto c25k. I've completed run 2. This consists of:

  • 5 minute brisk warm up walk
  • 8 minute run
  • 5 minute walk
  • 8 minute run
  • 5 minute cool down walk

To be fair, like I said in my last post, 8 minutes seemed daunting. Considering I run 4 times a week I said that I would do 2 sets of run 2 and the the final run at the end of the week. So that's what I'm doing. I've completed run 2 twice. Once today, once on Sunday. Both times that I did the 8 minute runs they weren't too bad. I enjoyed them and they weren't too difficult.

I REALLY need to work on my breathing though if I'm gnna run any further than 8 minutes. I'm not sure HOW I'm gonna d that yet but I will figure something out. Hopefully before Thursday when I do my last run.

Onto my last run... I'm really sh*tting myself about it. I don't want t let myself down and I don't want to fail. I have a plan though. Instead of listening to the podcast, I'm just gonna listen to my own music. Some really good motivational music that is gonna keep me running that full 20mins.

Don't get me wrong, the c25k plan is great, it's got me this far. However, I sometimes find the music a little oring and I feel like I'm running with nothing, I zone out of the music. Hopefully having my own music will motivate me enough. I hope I can run the 20 minutes. We will see.

Ona side note. 30 day shred is going ok. Its tolerable. I'm halfway through and it's getting easier too. Not sure if. Will take my measurements tomorrow or not. I probably won't and will just leave the measurements till the end. If I decide to take them then I will update on my progress. I hope there will be some results this time.

Don't think have anything else to update on. Weight wise I was still the same this week. No change. A little disappointing but I got over it quickly, there's always next week. Next week will probably be bad though, it's my birthday next week and I'm not turning down the opportunity for cake!

Anyway, enough of me. I hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. I will keep you updated in my next post which WILL be the day I do my last run of week 5. Wish me luck!

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