Monday Weigh-In and Start of C25K


So, first things first. My last blog had a rant about how I wasn't loosing weight and how I probably wouldn't loose any weight today.

However, I managed to lose 0.6kg this week, which is better than nothing. I need to start accepting that my weight is not coming off as fast anymore and that 0.5kg is ok for weight loss.

Onto my second subject, I started the C25K program yesterday. For those that don't know what the c25k program is, it's a running program made by the NHS. It's designed to help absolute beginners get into running. The Plan is designed to get you running 5k or 30 minutes without stopping in just 9 weeks.The plan involved 3 runs per week with a rest day in between and each week has a different plan.

The first week begins with a 5 minute brisk walk for warm-up, then alternates between 60 seconds of running and 90seconds of walking, then a 5 minute brisk walk for cool down.

I went into cambridge on saturday and ought everything I needed to start running including a nice decent pair of running trainers.

My boyfriend had decided he would do the c25k with me even though he is much fitter than I am but I appreciate that he is trying to support me and it's nice to have him there to encourage me. The brisk walk was good, I'm used to walking at this pace naturally so it was good. We have decided to run down by the river instead of on the roads. When we got to the river, there was a couple walking ther dog. I was quite nervous about starting running and really didn't want to run past them or to have them see me run but I had to get over it.

When Laura(the woman on the podcasts for c25k who prompts ou when to run and walk) to me to start my run, I started at my own pace and ran past the dog walkers and felt pretty good. However, that was short lived, my headphones started falling out and my running leggings I had bought started to fall down so I was fiddling about trying to get everything sorted whilst trying to run. Not a good start.

We had to stop, we sorted out my phone and my boyfriend wore the headphones and took my phone and he prompted me when to run so I could focus. The legging/pants I bought for running we're too big and hence why they were sliding down. I've had to order better running pants.

After we had sorted everything out, we started over and I started running for 60 seconds. Let me tell you.... 1 minute felt like forever and I was breathing so hard and I was praying for the walking to be started. When it was time to walk I was panting so hard trying to keep my breath. Surprisingly enough. 90seconds of walking was enough for me to get my breathing back down to a normal-ish rate before starting the next run.

Not long before I'd finished my second to last run, I started getting a headache, it was quite warm out, I was getting hot and sweaty and I'd forgotten my water bottle that I'd especially bought for running.

I managed it all though. I didn't give up even though I thought I would have to stop. I have NO idea how i will cope with week 2 and extr a running and less walking. My boyfriend didn't go at the same pace as me, he ran in front by quite a way which was quie good because I'd be embarrassed of running next to him with me panting like that.

I felt really proud of myself after that, however I felt really sick and had a weird taste in my mouth, I'm not sure what it was. I definitely need to take a drink out next time, I probably won't feel as sick afterwards.

After I got home I had a good relax, however for some reason I felt the need to do the cross trainer for 40minutes. Later on we were asked to take the dog out, that was another 35 minutes walking.

I really regret doing the extra exercise now. This morning I was SO SORE!! I was in agony. I could hardly walk. I got pissed off and had a rant at my boyfriend about how we shouldnt have started running till after I finished the 30 day shred. I almost decided to just give up the last few days and not do them but I hate quitting so I went on. I battled through My 30 day shred on level 3 day 8. It sucked. It hurt so bad, but atleast I'm one day closer to finishing it.

My plan fr this week is to continue both the rest of the 30 day shred and continue with my running. I only have 2 days left of the shred it I have told myself that it doesn't need to be done straight away. Running is taking priority so if I have to have a break for a few days and carry on with the shred later then that's what will happen.

Hopefully my legs are not as sore tomorrow as that's when my next run is.

I plan on running 4 times a week to try and make it easier for the next week. So I will run Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Friday's. Then on Sunday, I go onto the next week.

Hopefully all goes well and I will keep everyone updated on every run. Wish me luck!

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