C25k week 4 run 1 and 30 Day Shred


Yesterday the weather held up long enough for me to do my run. It had been raining all day before hand so I was lucky to get out and do it. I started week 4 of the c25k plan. Week 4 consists of:

  • 5 minute brisk warmup walk
  • 3 minute run
  • 90 second walk
  • 5 minute run
  • 2 and a half minute walk
  • 3 minute run
  • 90 second walk
  • 5minute run
  • 5 minute brisk cooldown

So that's 16 minutes total, quite a big difference to last weekS 9 minutes. This run went really good. I was panicking after I'd tried to do a 5 minute run on week 3. However, the whole run went fine. There were occasions during the walks where I was told to get ready to run and I'd scream IM NOT READY! Even though I obviously was because I managed the runs fine.

The first 3minute was good followed by the 5 minute run which was surprisingly good because it didn't feel like a struggle at all. The next 3 minute run was a walking the park(not literally) and then came my last 5 minute run. I ran at the normal pace that I would run and found I was getting tired quickly so I slowed my pace down slightly and it seemed to work good for me.

My boyfriend was there the whole time giving words of encouragement. I felt bad because he normally takes time to run on his own but he said he would run with me just invade I had difficulty breathing like the last 5 minute run but I had no problems so I can probably run on my own from now until next week with the dreaded 8min run.

Now, the 30 day shred, it's not TOO bad, I'm trying my hardest, I still hate it but I'm getting though it. I think part of the reason why I hate it so much is because it's so boring. I'm gonna up music on during it now and I'm also gonna move on to level 2 early because I don't like this level and I don't feel like I'm benefiting much from it. I much more enjoyed level 2 out f all of the levels s it's probably a good idea that I move on now. I'm n day 8 at the moment so I'm already a third of the way through. Hopefully it will fly by.

Today I also had an unofficial weigh in. Again I haven't lost anything and it's beginning to get me down and I've been really emotional about it. I'm trying to figure up what to do. I might just leave my eating the way it is our now and test it for a little longer. If I still dont see results then I will probably up my calories again and eat more. Hopefully I get sme results soon cause this is depressing. Atleast I'm not gaining right?!

Until next time!

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