C25k Week 3 Run 2 and 30 Day Shred


Yesterday I did my second run of week 3. Baring in mind I said the first run for this week was easy. This time it was NOT easy! The wind was really blowing yesterday and I had to run against it. Felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. The first 3 minute run wasn't too bad, didn't get too out of breath.

I turned around at the half way point, thinking they way back would be a breeze and I would be running with the wind so it would be easier. Unfortunately not, although I was indeed running with the wind, for some reason my last 3 minute run was SO hard! I couldn't get my breath at all and was panting really bad. I did manage to finish the run without stopping but if I'd have had to go any longer, I'm guessing I'd have stopped.

Oh well. We have bad days right? Hopefully I won't struggle as much next time. Atleast I'm still enjoying running.

Now..30 day shred... More like 30 day hell. It sucks. My arms and inner thighs are so sore after just 3 days. Exercises are still hard, still using better weights than the first time round though. However, now every time I do the 30 day shred, the only thing running through my mind is how I will have wasted another 30 days if I get no results again. It's making me lose motivation to do it but I've started it now, may as well try my hardest and get though it.

Anyway! Hopefully everyone is having better days than I am. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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