C25K Week 2 Run 3 and Zumba Fitness


So, today was run 3 of week 2. Went ok, not the best of runs. I know why though. For the past 2 days I have not been eating well, no I don't mean eating crap food, I mean hardly eating because I don't feel hungry.

Yesterday, I hardly ate because my boyfriend didn't want anything for food because he wasn't hungry and it's hard cooking for just one person so I hardly ate. It shouldn't be like this but it's difficult fr me to cook for just one person when I'm used to cooking for 2.

Anyway, onto my run. It was difficult, I'm not gonna lie. I was starving before I came out, I know I was starving because I get pains in my stomach when I'm really hungry and I had this after leaving the house when I was starting my brisk warm up walk. The 90 second runs we're hard, I had to push myself. By the time the last 2 runs wee coming p, I was feeling really dizzy and was getting a headache, must have been dehydrated. I REALLY need to start taking my water bottle out with me. I bought one for running specifically and I've not even used it.

My Boyfriend alternates his runs, one day he will run with me, then the next run he runs ahead at his own pace. Today was his run at his own pace so I met up with him at the end. This is where he tells me he is not hungry again because he has already eaten/snacked before the run whilst I was getting ready, putting me in a bad situation agan where I'm having to figure out what to have by myself. At the moment, I'm not even hungry either which is surprising considEring i was starving before.

On another note, I can't remember whether I mentioned in a previous post but I am going to be doing Zumba Fitness DVDs to replace the 30 day shred I was doing. I can't do the whole DVDs because they take too long which means I can't fit them in in the morning but there is a 20 minute express DVD which I will be doing. I did it this morning and it's really good! I really enjoyed doing it so this is something I will probably keep up and probably do the longer versions n the weekend.

Anyway, I have probably talked enough in this post so I will all to you in my next update after my next run. Hope you are all doing well!

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