C25K Week 2 Day 2


So, yesterday I did c25k week 2. Same as before, running for 90, walking for 2mins. Seemed easier, I don't seem to get as out of breath. The rest day in between runs really helps as well. I've been feeling good about running so far, don't feel as scared for next week as I sometimes felt that I could probably run for longer than 90 seconds so that might play in my favour or running longer next week.

Very short update, I don't really have much else to blog about ther than the run.

Oh, I did find an exercise DVD that I am going to do. I've decided to do the Zumba Fitness DVDs. I dont want a long DVD as the DVD is to replace the 30 day shred and I will be doing it in the morning before work so I am limited on time. The Zumba fitness DVD has a 20 minute express section that I am going to be using and then doing the longer 40 minute versions when I have more time or on the weekends. I guess I will see howit goes and I'll keep you all updated to let you know what think.

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