C25K Week 2 Complete!


So, today was run 4 of week 2. Same as all this week, running for 90 seconds followed by 2mins of walking. Today wasn't too bad, the weather has been holding up all week which is a good thing. It did look fairly cloudy when we left but it was quite warm.

The brisk warmup seemed to go faster than normal. The first 90 seconds of running felt easy, breathing was pretty normal. Second run, breathing slightly increase but no different to my other runs. I passed over the bridge to the other side of the river. Laura tells me that to get ready for the next run(Laura is the woman on the c25k podcasts, not the voice in my head ;) ).

I start running again and the wind starts to blow pretty bad to the point where I'm struggling to catch my breath and feel like I'm not running anywhere because the wind is that strong. It starts hail stoning as well which wasn't very nice. It hurt like hell.

The hail only lasts untl I've finished that 90 seconds of running. Then I just have the wind to compete with. However, it made it much easier as I turn around and start to run back at this point so the wind was blowing with me whilst running so i was no longer battling against it. The 2 minute walk at this point ALWAYS feels much shorter than 2 minutes and I feel myself saying ALREADY?! when I'm told to get ready to run again.

Next run was easier again, breathing was comfortable, I felt good. The run didn't feel like 90 seconds and then the walking felt like forever. My last 90 second run felt like the easiest of all of them and I felt like this was a good opportunity to see whether or not I would be able to do the 3min run interval for week 3.

When Laura announce that the run is finished and it's time to cool down, I keep running, I reach the bridge and keep going down the road that leads to the main road until I finally stop. I didn't time it but I would say it was 3 mins or just under. It felt good, it wasn't uncomfortable and I felt so good afterwards. I didn't think I would be able to do it but turns out that the my body is a miraculous machine and it can do it, it's just my head telling me I can't.

Well, I'm not longer going to listen to my head, it talks nonsense. I can do this! I can run further than it thinks I can, I jut proved it running the 3 mins. I no longer need to be scared of beginning a new week of the plan.

I'm now optimistic about next week, I'm looking forward to it. I though that I would hate running and it would just be another day of exercise but it turns out I'm wrong about that too. A part of me looks forward to going out on my run and even more so when I can listen to my own music whilst I go out running. I'm feeling good about it all. I'm feeling better about myself and hopefully it's aiding my weight loss, I will find out tomorrow when I weigh in.

I will make a small post tomorrow with weigh in results, hopefully it's something positive. I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Speak to you all soon!

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