C25K Week 1 Run 2 and Second to last day of 30 Day Shred


So, today I did my second to last day of the 30 day shred. I really can't wait for it to be over. The only thing I have gotten out of her DVD is abit of improved fitness. I dont feel like I got anything out of doing the DVD like weight loss or inches lost. I will take measurements tomorrow after my last day and post the results but i doubt it will be much if anything. Time could have been better well spent doing something else. I can't wait to finish it tomorrow and not have to bother with it again.

However, after it's finished I've got to try and find another DVD that will serve its purpose as my morning workout and hope that it will do the job better. I need to look into some DVDs that I might do. I have the 10 minute solutions Dance off Fat Fast and the 10 minute solutions Blast off Belly Fat so I might try those, or alternate them, we will see.

On a more positive note, I did C25k Week 1 run 2 this afternoon with my boyfriend after having a 2 day rest. First day of rest was planned and I'm glad it w as because my legs were so sore! Yesterday's rest day was not planned but it was raining and I had other problems that needed taking care of, so running took a back seat yesterday.

I was dreading that the 2 day break from running would put my right back at the beginning but surprisingly not. It felt a little easier, I was still breathing heavy but not half as bad as the first run. I'm sure I mentioned in a previous post that I will be doing 4 runs per week instead of 3. Hopefully that helps to improve my stamina on the runs abit more ready for week 2.

My boyfriend didn't run with me the whole time, he ran on his own ahead of me to see how far he could run and met up with me towards the end. It didn't bother me one bit, I actually sort of enjoyed running and didn't even notice he wasnt running with me.

I'm more proud of myself the more I push myself to do it. I feel really great and I'm optimistic that I will continue running.

Some of my team at work are runners and ive been telling them about how I started running and they have been great for sme advice. They asked me today if I wanted to do a fun run in Cambridge in November with them to raise money for charity. I told them to pencil me in and I would try my best to be ready for it. It's only a mile and a half, but at this moment in time that still seems to be some time off before I can do that.

We will see what happens. I hope that I will be ready as its something that I would be really interested in doing.

Looking forward to my third run tomorrow, hopefully the weather stays ok and doesn't rain. I'm gonna have to get hold of some waterproofs so I can't use the rain as my excuse to not go out and run. Until then, I hope everyone is ok and staying healthy!

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