No Weight Lost.... No Motivation..


Okay, so today was an unofficial weigh in, I used to do them on a Friday all the time but after having noticed that I seem to lose nothing on the Friday and most over the weekend, I moved my weigh in day to a Monday instead.

However, I still out of habit weigh myself on a Friday before my official weigh in on Monday. I didn't lose anything last week, I maintained, atleast I didn't gain. This week I was hoping to lose atleast something... But again. Nothing, I've maintained and I doubt that it is going to go down over the weekend for my official weigh in.

I just felt like utter crap after that, second week not losing anything, it's just getting me down because even before then I wasn't even losing much, a pound at most, normally more like half a pound. I used to lose a consistent 2lbs a week, not anymore.

After reading on the my fitness pal forums and everyone raving and putting pictures of their 30 day shred results, I thought it was going to be the same for me. However, I clearly haven't lost anything and I don't feel as though I have lost inches either, I guess oly time will tell with that one when I measure myself after the 30 day shred has finished.

I just feel completely unmotivated now, I feel like I'm working my arse off with no results. Instead of doing my workout before work this morning, I just felt like lying in bed and going back to sleep for a while. That's not what I did though, I pleaded with myself to just get up and do it, felt like I literally had to force myself to do it, thinking during the whole workout that it was a waste of time cause I was getting no results out of it.

Hopefully I lose something this week to keep me sane and stop me wanting to pull my hair out but I'm not counting on it.

I can't wait to get the 30 day shred over and done with. I just hate it. On the plus side, I am going into Cambridge tomorrow and buying myself some running shoes and workout clothes. I am determined to start running like I have wanted to for so long, hopefully my motivation holds up and I actually do it.

I will keep everyone updated.

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