30 Day Shred - Level 3 - Day 3


Today's workout wasn't too bad. I'm on 30 day shred, level 3, day 3. Think I felt it a lot more than usual because I have breaks on the weekend from the DVD due to not wanting people to see me exercise.

As I didn't start this log when I started the 30 day shred it seems appropriate to go over what has changed and got better whilst I've been doing the DVD.

Firstly, at the start of the 30 day shred, I felt like I was gonna die doing everything, everything was so hard and after the first day I was so sore I could hardly walk properly(to the humor of everyone else). I couldn't do 10 jumping jacks without needing a break, I couldn't do pushups at all, I felt like my arm muscles were gonna tear and it hurt so bad I couldn't lift my arms after that without wincing in agony.

After day 5 of level 1, I already felt much fitter, I wasn't as out of breath, everything still hurt but that's how you know it's working right?

Level 2... Well I'll be honest, it completely sucked. The amount of plank exercises seemed silly. But it felt like a really good workout.

Now, I'm 3 days into level 3 and everything seems much easier, I realised the strength I'd gained doing the workout because I could finally do pushups(even if they were still on my knees) and could do all of the jumping jacks(with weights!)

Overall throughout the 30 day shred I feel much healthier, much fitter and much stronger. However, I won't be doing another round of the 30day shred, I sometimes feel it can be a bit repetitive and boring. Instead I've decided to finally start running using the c25k plan. I've been talking about going running for ages and never did it. So after my 30day shred is finished next week I am going to start running and this time I WILL start!

I will continue to blog about the rest of my 30 day shred and then I will blog about starting running.

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